THE FRENCH RIVIERA / by Caitlin Trickett

A weekend trip to the South of France was a wonderful way to wrap up my time here in Europe! Honestly, you'd have to experience the French Riviera for yourself to truly understand how beautiful it is. We left Thursday evening for an 8 hour bus ride to Nice, France which is where our hostel was located, and spent Friday hiking around, exploring the old part of town, and laying on the beach. Saturday we ventured to the beautiful mountain town of Eze followed by an evening in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Finally, on our way out Sunday we stopped by the quaint town of Antibes. It was all so much fun and I know for sure that I'll have to visit again someday. Here are some photos from my time in France! [I went VSCOCam style by making the photographs look like film]

^ Looking out over the city of Nice:  the 5th largest city in France. The hike to the top of this mountain made for very beautiful 360 views of the city and the sea.

^ The mountain town of Eze was so much fun to explore. It reminded me a lot of Minori with its small, winding walkways going in between houses. At the top of the mountain that the town sits on there is an Exotic Botanical Garden with so many beautiful plants from lavender to cacti in every color.

^ Looking out over the town below from the top of the Botanical Gardens of Eze.

^ Monte Carlo, Monaco:  playground of the rich and famous. This city was probably my favorite because of all of the "glamour". Money is oozing out of every crack and crevice of this city with yachts, fashion, cars, etc. I wouldn't mind 'being about that life'.

^ The luxurious Casino Monte Carlo just next door to the Fairmont Hotel.

^ I could get used to this lifestyle...

^ Of course there were ridiculous cars everywhere! At one point Cesar and I found a dinky little restaurant right next to one of the main roads. We ordered pizza and lasagna and just sat there for a good 2.5 hours watching the cars go by. SO COOL!

^ Looking back towards the Casino. The Rolex Masters were happening just down the road.

^ After awhile the red Ferrari became pretty basic. We needed something a little more impressive ha.

^ On Sunday we stopped off at the town of Antibes:  home to 48 beaches. It was so beautiful here.

^ Goofing around in the quiet side streets. French baguettes are heavenly! I may miss this most of all.

And there you have it:  The French Riviera. Now that playtime is over I have to tackle finals week! Only 12 more days left in this European Wonderland. Have a great week!

And thank you to Cesar Chacon for his excellent photo-taking skills while in Monaco and Antibes!